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Temptation and Satisfaction

October 30, 2008

There is not any memory with less satisfaction than the memory of some temptation we resisted.
~ James Branch Cabell

Temptation is not the devil trying to draw you into sin.  Temptation is your soul calling to you.  The feeling that we should resist temptation is something built into us by society and our environment – it is not a fundamental truth. 

We resist temptation purely for fear of what others will think of us if we ‘give in’.  Of what it will ‘say’ about us – that we are weak, lacking in willpower, sinful.

We are only tempted by things that appeal to us – otherwise it would not be tempting.  How about considering the possibility that things appeal to you for a reason?  That maybe no one is judging you but yourself?  That maybe good and bad is what you say it is?

I choose to honour my cravings, my urges, my gentle nudges from within.  I have learned that if something makes me feel guilty, it is probably the right thing for me to do.  Guilt (in this sense) is a sign that there is something I really want to do but my perception of outside expectations is making me feel judged for the urge.

Ignore the judging.  Take heed of the wanting. 

Have a big piece of chocolate cake, and then run away and join the circus.  No one else will care.  You will not dying wondering.  There is great happiness in that.  Maybe the only happiness we can really have.  The knowledge that we gave it a go, tried it out, had the experience.

What else is it all for but the experience?

Let go of resistance.  Follow temptation.  Look back on your life satisfied.